Atomic ProForce Foosball Table

This is the only foosball table that was built with the player in mind; literally and figuratively. This is designed for both the pros and the beginners as it also caters to both the young and old generation. Overall, this definitely shouts high-quality!

Atomic Pro Force

Atomic Pro Force

Atomic Gladiator

Atomic Gladiator

It’s time to level the playing field with the Atomic ProForce Foosball Table for active play. If lull and doldrums take over, accelerate your game plan with this high-quality brand foosball table that is built to intimidate and dominate right at the comforts of your own home.

The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is regularly priced at $399 but it’s currently on sale at Amazon for only $263.99plus free shipping (34% off) and total savings of $135.01. For a price like that – it’s definitely a steal! There is limited stocks available which give you all the more reasons to splurge for a worthy gaming set.



  • Table Dimensions: 29.5” W x 56” D x 34.5” H
  • Legs: 4.625″ W x 4.625″ D
  • Actual Weight: 144 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 103 lbs.
  • Origin: China
  • Product Type: Game room table
  • Style: Free-Standing
  • Colors: Team A (Black) Team B (White/Ivory)
  • Material: ½” MDF Playfield and 13-7/8” x 1” MDF Apron
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 90 days
  • Includes 1 ProForce Table and 4 balls
  • Features 3.5” Leg Levelers
  • Internal Ball Entry and Ball Return
  • Includes Robot Players
  • Rubber Octagonal Handles
  • 4-5/8” L-Style Legs
  • 5/8” Chrome-Plated Hollow Steel Rods
  • Black Laminated Bamboo Exterior with Black Accents
  • Manual Abacus Slide Scoring
  • Model#: G01342W
  • Recommended Playing Age Group: 7 to 8 Years; 9 to 10 Years; 11 to 12 Years; 13+ Years

Atomic ProForce Foosball Table Pros

  • This can indeed withstand great amount of force with its durable material that is designed primarily for aggressive play. The pro can appreciate the heavy duty built of the table while the younger players also enjoy its functionality and interactive feature. The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is a very sturdy piece that can tolerate long playing hours and enormous testosterone levels buildup while beating on the rods and competing with each other. With its heavy duty legs and steel parts, this is built to last for years and ensures maximum stability even with rough movements which make this a good investment piece. The standard weight for foosball tables is at 100 lbs. – this table’s actual weight is 144 lbs. which means this is built rock-solid and are expected to meet and exceed client expectations. The MDF cabinet is 1” thick which is enough and stable. Additionally, this is also made warp-resistant.
  • The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is built to impress and enhance your gaming skills thru imagery. Visualization helps in any sport or game for that matter. The table is designed in a minimalist perspective which actually works because it combines the rustic appeal of the wood finish with the modern twist of the black legs and surface. The table is designed with the colors black and ivory for separate teams with a boost of the Hammerhead design. In addition to that, this table features black robot-style players which could have worked better with a lighter hue on the surface – but overall, it’s a classic number.
  • The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is thick enough for excellent gameplay. There are no dead spots on the playing surface which makes out a smooth and seamless gaming experience. The levelers definitely work at its optimum because it created a smooth flow of gameplay. It is important that the wood is thick enough at 1” so that the table won’t budge or be wobbly while playing. This can create distractions in the play. The logic is that the harder or thicker the table is – the more level it would be. The hollow rods are made lighter than the solid ones which create fast and exciting gameplay.
  • Kid-Friendly. Although the Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is built for professionals – this is also made safe and stable for the younger breed of players or the newbies. The rubber octagonal handles also provide firm grip. Overall, this is an enjoyable foosball table for the entire family which is also very kid-friendly as the materials are secure and strong which won’t risk any injury on family members; especially kids.

Atomic ProForce Foosball Table Cons

The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table can be dubbed as almost perfect – but, perfect does not exist in reality, doesn’t it? This foosball table was observed to have some flaws like it takes so much time to assemble (3 hours). It’s relatively time-consuming and wastes a lot of energy while putting it together. The wood cabinet also seems to be fragile as the veneers are flaking. The edges easily peel off and are also producing bubbles which have been observed after using it for a month or so. This is the most common complaint or observation by customers with the Atomic ProForce Foosball Table.

atomic foosball table

Atomic ProForce Foosball Table – A Force to Reckon With

The Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is definitely a looker – a fine looking lad. It’s sleek and stylish aesthetics is an attention-grabber especially with its Hammerhead player design for each team. This is the only foosball table that was built with the player in mind; literally and figuratively. It’s aesthetically engineered to give you the best gaming experience while it appeals to your senses. They also don’t have ball bearing installed which makes it hard for the players to achieve a smooth game.

This is designed for both the pros and the beginners as it also caters to both the young and old generation. Again, the color could have been tweaked a bit to give it a lighter hue like green or blue on the surface so as to highlight the dark color of the players and also complement the entire look of the table. Contrasts in color could have brought out the playful nature in an otherwise serious design mode.

Overall, this definitely shouts high-quality as the brand is well-reputed for. It gives real value for your money especially now that it’s on sale. It’s not at the cheapest in the market nor is it the priciest. This, all the while, gives consumers more reasons to value family time because of its gaming appeal that attracts both young and old. Sure thing – the Atomic ProForce Foosball Table is a force to reckon with.