Chicago Gaming Signature

Combine fun and function with the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table. This is a versatile piece because your typical foosball table doubles as a sophisticated table. It’s like luxuriating on a Super Bowl Sunday at any day you wish – plus indulging on an aromatic. This furniture would certainly be an elegant addition or centrepiece for your living room and entertainment unit.

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Chicago Gaming Signature

About Chicago Gaming

Chicago Gaming Company or also commonly referred to as Chicago Gaming was established in 2001 which is at par with the standards of European cabinetmakers in terms of quality and craftsmanship. This is a reputed American gaming company that specializes in manufacturing or producing top-of-the-line foosball tables, pinball, arcade machines, and pool tables to provide the best gaming experience for their growing clientele.

  • Dimensions: 47 5/8” L x 28” W x 20” H
  • Actual Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 92.8 lbs.
  • Adjustable leg levellers
  • Octagonal solid hardwood handles
  • Telescopic rods
  • Hand-painted foosball men/players (red and blue teams)
  • Furniture-grade playfield with wood veneers
  • Stainless steel ball return
  • Solid wood scorekeeping beads
  • Hand-carved wood details
  • Sleek glass top
  • Functional bottom shelf

Foosball Table Pros

  • Functional – This speaks volumes of how Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table refuses to be just your average foosball table because it gets to multitask and serve as a table too. You get to play foosball while also enjoying your favorite cup of in the morning or at any time you want. This is a juggernaut addition to every home because it has the stylish element of decorative furniture and the entertainment factor of foosball that the whole family would certainly revel in. You can place your cup of right at the solid elegant glass top without fear that the top would crack or what not; while reading the newspaper or exchanging chit-chat with family or couple of friends at home. Additionally, there is a beautifully crafted bottom cabinet or drawer that you can use to get organized like place books, magazines, trinkets, or the remote control; et cetera.
  • Aesthetically Elegant – The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table is a great way to initiate witty conversations like when you get to invite your boss at home or surprise your date with a game of foosball. Yes, this furniture-grade piece is built to impress and express. Aesthetically-wise, this foosball table is beyond words – rustic yet modern in appeal. The foosball table is made sophisticated with its hand-carved detailing and accents. Also, the playfield is accented with inlaid wood veneers. The players or foosball men are also hand-painted in their designated blue and red teams. The synergy of both the classic and eccentric wood finish of this foosball table provides that minimalist yet elegant appeal to ramp up your space.
  • Durability – Customers always look for value in their purchases – something that is worth their hard-earned money. This is precisely what the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table aims to deliver. This foosball table is proudly made of solid furniture-grade hardwood which is considered high-quality and can withstand long-term use and abuse especially when playing the rough game of foosball. The octagonal handles are also made of solid hardwood which is comfortable yet robust enough when controlling your men’s movements on the playfield.
  • Value for Money – The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table certainly gives a bang for your buck because it is reasonably priced. This is not just a standalone foosball table as you also get a table for a price of only $599 or the sale price of $543.13. This is a gregarious furniture piece that might be worth a grand or more but is undervalued to a price that won’t leave customers empty-handed.
  • Safe for Kids – Kid safety always goes on top of the priority list in every family out to shop for a foosball table. The actual design, shape, and hardwood finish of the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table is safe for kids because there are no pointed edges which may injure kids while playing foosball. The hardwood handles are also comfortable, safe, and easy to manage especially with kids at play.

Foosball Table Cons

This is a relatively smaller foosball table compared to other foosball table types, which may not be suitable for professional foosball games. However, if you bought the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table for the purpose of casual or recreational play while enjoying sips of your favorite latte – then that serves its purpose.

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My Verdict of the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table

Get to spruce of your living room or den with the addition of a space-efficient and elegant Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table. As far as the price is concerned, this certainly gives extra value to your money because it is way cheaper than expected. It certainly surpassed my expectations when it comes to quality and overall design. The hand-carved detailing is exquisite.

If you are looking for an investment piece, then this furniture is no doubt a must-have in every home because it has excellent durability and is a stunning addition to your abode. Conversations would certainly be more interesting especially when you get to play foosball over a cup of or any preferred beverage for that matter. This is of course not designed for professional foosball but this is sturdy and safe enough to be toyed with by kids, teens, and adults.

Although this is built small and compact, it is pretty functional as you can conveniently place your drinks on top of the stylish glass top while also get to keep some items on the bottom shelf.  It is also very lightweight and can be moved from one corner to another spot in your home. Kickstart or end your day with drinking foosball sessions right at the comfort of your own crib.