Foosball Table Maintenance

Like any investment, your foosball table must be taken cared of to maintain its top form. Your foosball table cannot perform at its peak when it is slowed down by grime, dust, and even spilled drinks that have accumulated for months or even years. Here are top ways to take care of your foosball table.


Use Compressed Air to Blow Off Dust Particles

Start off with the use of an air compressor (you can buy cans super cheap online). This helps keep your foosball table impeccable by using a can of compressed air to get rid of dust that have accumulated at the nooks and crevices which are very difficult to clean by hand. This will help blow off dust especially in very hard to reach areas of the foosball table.


Check the Balls, Rods, and Men on a Regular Basis

The rods and balls are obviously the most used and abused parts of the foosball table along with the men or players which are prone to damage especially if you use your foosball outdoors. Regularly clean these with cotton balls or cloth soaked in alcohol and let them dry in the open. Check the parts if it needs to be realigned, adjusted, or fixed. It is important to keep your foosball table solid and in good shape so as to protect your investment and prolong its lifespan and peak performance levels.

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Be Careful when Lifting or Moving your Foosball Table

It is recommended to put the anti-slip grips on the legs of your foosball table to prevent incurring damage on the feet or other parts of the table. Do not drag the foosball table – instead lift it carefully when you move it from one location to another to prevent any scratches or damage that can reduce the quality of your gaming furniture piece. To see which tables are more suitable for apartments and which for houses please visit our homepage for more info on what to choose.

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Wipe the Foosball Table with a Cloth Soaked in Alcohol.

Use 70% to 80% isopropyl alcohol for wiping your foosball table. This works both ways – to help clean and sanitize your foosball table from top to bottom and the sides as well which has been repeatedly exposed to allergens or microbes because of prolonged and shared use. This process will ensure that your foosball table will be safe for gaming especially for kids. More so, this also helps sickness or allergies from spreading from one person to another especially if you are sharing the foosball table with other people or members of the family.

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Wipe the Foosball Table with a Dry, Clean Cloth

Wipe the entire foosball table with a dry cloth to remove dust that has not been completely blown off by the can of compressed air. This sets the stage for the next step of the cleanup process.

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Keep Food and Drinks Away from the Foosball Table

If you have a foosball coffee table which is designed for beverages or coffee mugs to be placed right on top of the glass surface then you must clean the glass top right away to prevent any stains or smudges that can ruin or depreciate the aesthetic value of your foosball table. If in case you prefer to dine and drink while playing foosball – set aside a table for your grubs and beverages which is separate from the foosball table so that it won’t spill or splatter right at the foosball table whenever you are busy playing.

It is recommended to clean your foosball table at least once a week or as often as necessary depending on usage. If you take care of your foosball table and keep it spotless, it would work to your advantage as a player because you get to keep it at its peak performance for a fast gameplay. Every furniture investment piece like your foosball table deserves to be pampered and taken cared of to prolong its shelf life and keep it at its momentum each time.